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  • Dummy Sow
Name:  Dummy Sow
Unique plastic coated dot surface, imitate sow's skin, easy to clean; Adjustable angle degree; Four phases height adjustable; Round an...
  • Collection Mat
Name:  Collection Mat
Anti-skid rubber collection mat to be put under the dummy sow. Size:1.5M(L) X 1.0(W) X0.3CM(T);
  • Collection Thermos
Name:  Collection Thermos
800ml high quality collection thermos with 10cm opening.
  • Semen Filter
Name:  Semen Filter
Prevent the passage of undesired extraneous materials, while permitting the passage of sperm; Non-toxic to semen;25cmx25cm; 200pcs/box, 2000...
  • Semen Filter Bag
Name:  Semen Filter Bag
Upgraded bag from disposable collection bag, which can filter and collect semen synchronously. Pull apart along the perforated line after co...
  • PE Long Glove
Name:  PE Long Glove
Made from high quality PE, soft feel, thin, 90cm long, can reach shoulder when wearing, particularly designed for delivering piglet.
  • PE Glove
Name:  PE Glove
PE glove is put outside the hand with PVC glove on to clean the boar before semen collection, discarded after cleaning.
  • Vinyl Glove Powderfree
Name:  Vinyl Glove Powderfree
Professional semen collection glove, which can touch semen directly.
  • Nitrile GLoves
Name:  Nitrile GLoves
High quality professional semen collection glove, more anti-skid and wearable, can touch the semen directly, proved no stimulation to sperms...
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