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  • Artificial Vagina
Name:  Artificial Vagina
The "Complete" argificial vagina kits include the rigid support tube with a filling port, a latex water jacket liner, cone, and a 15ml centr...
  • Straw ID Plug
Name:  Straw ID Plug
Straw ID plug are designed to fit standard 1/4cc straws; Available in 4 colors;100pcs per pack; Extend 41mm beyond the end of the straw; Con...
  • Goblet-Straw Storage
Name:  Goblet-Straw Storage
Plastic goblets have been a long-standing method of sorting and transporting straws within liquid nitrogen tanks, coupled with aluminum cane...
  • Thaw Unit
Name:  Thaw Unit
Nelson thaw unit is your ideal choice for thawing semen or embryos in straws or vials. Safe, convenient, and by precise digital control. ...
  • A.I.Sheaths
Name:  A.I.Sheaths
Disposable AI sheaths are thin plastic tubes that slide over the barrels of artificial insemination guns, serving the purpose of seating the...
  • Sheath Protector
Name:  Sheath Protector
These standard protectors are made of PVC plastic. A slim yet rigid design to aid in the protection of insemination sheaths,and insemination...
  • Soft Sheath Protector
Name:  Soft Sheath Protector
Available in either 18-inch or 21-inch sizes, these tubular bags are designed to slip over gun/sheath assemblies to keep them clean as they ...
  • Disposable AI Gun
Name:  Disposable AI Gun
Disposable artificial insemination straw guns work functionally same as stainless steel AI guns, but disposable AI gun is more clean, safe a...
  • Docking/Castration Ring
Name:  Docking/Castration Ring
Docking rings (castration bands), dual-use product. They are the ideal device for holding 15ml centrifuge tubes to disposable collection c...
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