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  • AI Apron
Name:  AI Apron
Insemination apron is a unique way to keep all your insemination equipment organized and close at hand without loss of mobility. The apron h...
  • Breeder Belt
Name:  Breeder Belt
Breeder belt is snugged around the sow or gilt directly on it's flanks with Velcro fastener to stimulate the animal for aid in breeding. An ...
  • AI Assist
Name:  AI Assist
Light – 1 pound weight only. Flexible—easy to place onto sow, adjust itself to fit size of sow or gilt. Firm – hold the flank of sow lik...
  • Coveralls
Name:  Coveralls
Three different materials:Tyvek Coveralls,Microporous Coveralls,SPP+PE(non-permeable)
  • Treader™
Name:  Treader™
Disposable Boots......with Bite! Elashtic cuffs...No need to Tie! ITST Treader Treaded Sole! Extra grip on unsure surfaces! Extra dura...
  • Plain Boots Cover
Name:  Plain Boots Cover
6mil, 4mil, and 3mil film plain boot covers are available.
  • Sorting Panel
Name:  Sorting Panel
Sorting panel is designed to move animals with ease.
  • Pig Forcing Device
Name:  Pig Forcing Device
Made of red plastic, total 50cm long; 4 plastic flaps rattle when struck, rattling sounds drive animal more easily.Sponge attached makes sur...
  • Infrared Lamp
Name:  Infrared Lamp
Sunshine infra-red lamps with their sun-like thermal radiation create ideal conditions for rearing animals. The warming radiation acts direc...
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