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  • Nylon Mesh Gel Filter
Name:  Nylon Mesh Gel Filter
Nylon Mesh Gel Filter dimension:2.25"x3"; Fits for bottles with 45mm opening ; For Equine AI collection use
  • Equine I.U.I. Sterile Catheter
Name:  Equine I.U.I. Sterile Catheter
We carry a wide range of insemination/infusion tubes to fit a wide range of preference.From plain to drilled ends to adapter fitted, we have...
  • Disposable Culture Swab
Name:  Disposable Culture Swab
A unique tool for collection uterine samples from brood mares for culture. The three-piece design includes: 1) an outer clear PVC tube 2) a ...
  • Embryo Flush Tubing Set
Name:  Embryo Flush Tubing Set
The popular long Foley Y-junction setup has 5 feet of PVC tubing on both the inflow and outflow sides, with fluid control clamps on both (di...
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