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Ultrasound Scanner
[NAME] Ultrasound Scanner

Handle standard probe:5.0 MHz Mechanical Sector Probe

Optional probe: 5.0 MHz Mechanical Sector Probe

Display Mode: B,B+B, B+M, M

Monitor:5.0 inch TFT

Gray scale:256 levels

Scanning Depth: 192mm

Image Magnification: Image can be zoom in 4 steps: ×1.0, ×1.2,×1.5,×2.0

Power Supply: AC-adaptor/built-in battery

Battery capacity:2200mAh

Video Output: PAL-AV output

Power consumption: 17VA

Measurement: Multi-calipers; Distance, length, Area, Circumference, Time, heart rate, EF rate for heart, and BPD, CRL, GS, FL for gestational age.

Characters: Patient's ID, Age, Sex

Net Weight: 600g

Physical Dimension: 236×129×44mm

Options: 3.5MHz Mechanical sector probe

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