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Sunshine infra-red lamps with their sun-like thermal radiation create ideal conditions for rearing animals. The warming radiation acts directly on the bodies of the animals; only very little heat is given off to the atmosphere and the climate within the stall will hardly be affected. What's more, fresh air can be circulated through the stalls without any risk to young animals.


The lamp has such excellent penetration that the infra-red radiation warms not only the surface of the skin directly exposed to the lamp, but the underlying tissue and the muscle layers. As a result, the blood and lymph vessels expand, thermal regulation throughout the organism is improved and a greater amount of oxygenated blood is supplied to the cells. The animals grow faster and have greater resistance to infection and illness.


So better lamp, like Sunshine, doesn't LOOK brighter, but FEEL warmer. Most of the energy is saved for your animals' faster growing.


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