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Goblet-Straw Storage
[NAME] Goblet-Straw Storage

Plastic goblets have been a long-standing method of sorting and transporting straws within liquid nitrogen tanks, coupled with aluminum canes, the goblets are a plastic opened tube that hold either 1/2CC or 1/4CC straws, the 10mm goblets hold approximately (5) 1/2cc straws or (10) 1/4CC straws. The 13mm goblets hold approximately (11) 1/2CC straws or (22) 1/4 straws. The goblets allow two levels of storage when snapped into common eleven-inch aluminum canes. The goblets are offered most commonly in 10mm and 13mm diameters to coincide with the appropriate cane. Both diameters of the cane-fitted goblets are 119mm(4.69") in height. These are availabe in a variety of colors to help in the identification process.

Goblets, 7.1mm-Clear (100/pk)

Goblets, 7.1mm-oragne (100/pk)

Goblets, 10mm-Clear (100/pk)

Goblets, 10mm-Blue (100/pk)

Goblets, 10mm-Orange (100/pk)

Goblets, 10mm-Yellow (100/pk)

Goblets, 13mm-Clear (100/pk)

Goblets, 13mm-Blue (100/pk)

Goblets, 13mm-Orange(100/pk)

Goblets, 13mm-Green (100/pk)

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