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Disposable AI sheaths are thin plastic tubes that slide over the barrels of artificial insemination guns, serving the purpose of seating the semen straw and holding it in place during the A.I.procedure, The sheath also serves the role of keeping the A.I.gun clean.

  • Seating or centering and holding of the straw, is accomplished by two basic methods(depending on the sheath style), either with the inner tip of the sheath or by use of a sliding inert within the barrel of the sheath.

The color of insert indicates which gun is to be used with sheath. The green insert indicates a slit-style sheath to match O-ring Gun.The blue insert indicates a unslit sheath to match spiral gun.


suits for both 1/2 straw and 1/4 straw;

Absolutely tight fit with all types of straws.

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