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Equine I.U.I. Sterile Catheter
[NAME] Equine I.U.I. Sterile Catheter

We carry a wide range of insemination/infusion tubes to fit a wide range of preference.From plain to drilled ends to adapter fitted, we have the tube you are looking for. The basic tube is manufactured of slightly flexible PVC plastic. Tubes have an inside diameter of 0.11"(2.8mm) and an outside diameter of 0.196"(5mm). They are used for either insemination of animals via syringe or for the infusion of medications into large animals via syringe.

Options on the basic tubes vary from length and inner bore diameter to flexible tip fitting.

Type A one end round polished, the other end round polished too;

Type B one end round polished, the other end drilled to match syring luer tip;

Type C one end round polished, the other end tipped with soft PVC adapter to match syring luer tip

Various length availabe in 10",21",22", 25" and 30:

Packaging: Individually wrapped & sterilized, or bulk pack; 25pcs/pk, 40pk/case.



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