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Embryo Flush Tubing Set
[NAME] Embryo Flush Tubing Set

The popular long Foley Y-junction setup has 5 feet of PVC tubing on both the inflow and outflow sides, with fluid control clamps on both (differing clamp colors help to distinguish sides), the tubes are connected to clear Y-shaped piece whose third arm has a catheter fitting.

Attached spike on the inflow side is designed for direct connection to media bags or bottle, the outflow tube has a standard end for connection to a flushing filter.

Both type could be used for bovine and equine.

The style A (high flow) uses a slightly larger inner diameter tubing, it lacks the step adapter between the Y-piece and the catheter fitting, which allows for higher flow rates.

Long Foley Y-Junction tubing set A for high flow

Long Foley Y-Junction tubing set B

Packaging: Individually wrapped and sterilized.

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