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Disposable Culture Swab
[NAME] Disposable Culture Swab

A unique tool for collection uterine samples from brood mares for culture. The three-piece design includes: 1) an outer clear PVC tube 2) a blue PVC swab sheath inside outer tube 3) a white PVC swab holder attached with polystyrene cotton swab. This combination permits the retrieval of samples in a simple and sanitary manner. After retrieval, the samples can be stored and transported safely in its own protective capsule.

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The double guarded Culture Swab is individually wrappped and sterilized. This 28" length swab design uses two levels of protection, so that upon insertion in the vagina, the outermost "capped" tube protects the inner tube and swab from the contaminants. The inner tube is then pushed through the perforated tip, and lastly, the cotton swab is extended to swab a sample, the swab is then retracted, the inner tube retracted, and the entire assembly removed from the animal.

The inner tube and swab hve a 6" breakaway section that allows placement in transport media while the swab stays protected.l A proven design that maintains the integrity of your sample.


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